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Guide to Engagement & Weddings

A soon to be bride can have influence on how their wedding is planned. Each bride to be has her own special likes and dislikes, the majority of which revolve around her star sign. Every aspect of the wedding including the engagement ring will be the result of what many think have been “pre-arranged” since the brides birth. Each sign of the astrology has unique characteristics, and these characteristics play a major part in the brides choice of wedding location and the overall effect she would like to portray to her guests.

Aries Bride

Planning an engagement to an Aries girl, the ring should be full of bling but maintain a one of a kind style. An Aries woman will adore an engagement ring that is round, diamonds are best, however, paired with rubies and she will adore it. An Aries bride will prefer an antique styled gown with modern touches, something original and will be remembered by her guests for a long time following the wedding day. The location will have to be somewhere exotic and different, such as an amusement park or a gorgeous garden atop a roof. The reception to follow will be complete with a brightly coloured cake and an out of the ordinary meal.

Cancer Bride

A Cancer bride with her practical and logical side has already begun the wedding planning as soon as the engagement ring was out of the box.

Capricorn Bride

A Capricorn bride will want nothing less than elegant. Though it does not have to be expensive, it will need to look as though it was. Her chosen gown will most likely have to come from a well known designer and display pure elegance. The wedding will surely take place in the most elaborate of available religious locations. Her ring should be simple but elegant and definitely one of a kind, perhaps with a quote inside.

Taurus Bride

The Taurus engagement ring should be Victorian in style, an antique family heirloom would be perfect. The Taurus bride will choose a wedding location that has an old fashion feel to it. She will presume ideal location to be in the common area of a well adorned Victorian bed and breakfast and her wedding gown will definitely fit the atmosphere. The wedding will be very simply, elegant and adorned with lacy bridesmaids and plenty of green plants and Cali lilies.

Leo Bride

A Leo bride will expect to be proposed to in an atmosphere full of drama. In the middle of a crowded street or restaurant for all to see, would be perfect. The wedding will be even more so in the drama category. The Leo bride will wear a gown to make all that views it, envious. The wedding should take place in a castle or location that can be transformed into a castle like atmosphere as the wedding will need to have the feeling of royalty.

Libra Bride

Libra, though have a tough as nails attitude, are actually hiding their frilly and feminine true self. This woman will want her engagement to be quiet and romantic, just the two of them. Her wedding will be dainty and angelic of sorts. She will choose a location that is extremely romantic; the location will come complete with a gorgeous garden, cherubs and plenty of roses. The Libra bride will most definitely want to arrive and depart in a horse drawn carriage.

Scorpio Bride

A scorpion wedding will be best if held barefoot on a warm beach or in a Moroccan restaurant. Every aspect of this wedding will be exotic and intricate. The scorpion bride will want to become engaged in a similar location as the wedding, perhaps on a weekend trip to the beach surrounded by tropical trees and flowers.

Sagittarius Bride

The Sagittarius woman wants her engagement to be a playful and fun affair. Not much drama, just simple and to the point. The wedding will flourish when it takes place in her favourite lounge or at a favourite outdoor park. The dress will be stunning and simple to match the location of the wedding.

Capricorn Bride

Capricorn brides are comfortable in one of two ways. They will either go for a rustic and earthy special day or very traditional. The rustic Capricorn bride will feel her best if her wedding is held in a rustic cabin in the woods and surrounded by wildflowers. The other extension of the Capricorn bride will prefer an extremely traditional wedding day. The traditional bride will cherish the thought of her wedding being held in the family chapel and surrounded by her closest friends and family.

Virgo Bride

A Virgo bride wants her engagement to take place in a botanical garden. She will cherish the greenery and opt to have the wedding at the same location where the engagement took place. The Virgo bride is an earthy type of girl and will want every aspect of her wedding, starting with the engagement to take place out of doors.

Aquarius Bride

It is party time for the Aquarius bride. An Aquarius bride will want to include everyone in the festivities. A perfect engagement will take place under the stars, rather it be outside or in a planetarium. The Aquarius girls wedding will most likely take place pool side or at the beach. The atmosphere will be relaxed and fun for all involved as she makes an appearance in a perfect avant-garde gown.

Pisces Bride

An old mansion or even a costume party would be the absolute perfect setting for a Pisces bride. When planning an engagement to the Pisces, she would relish the idea of it being on a yacht. The Pisces woman is romantic, yet prefers to have fun and excitement included in an out of the ordinary way.

Gemini Bride

Expect the best of all worlds for a Gemini bride. The wedding would not be complete without a huge barbecue celebration and a mariachi band. The Gemini will want and expect nothing less than fun at the engagement and the wedding. She would beam if a proposal occurred while bungee jumping from the closest bridge. The wedding will most likely be topped off with the Gemini bride jumping in the pool, gown and all.

Weddings are a time to celebrate and the brides following the rules of the stars will prove to the world who they are and want they want. Each has her own sense of style and idea of the way her perfect day should go. Its best for everyone involved to go with the flow of the bride.


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