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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
 Pisces Love Relationships
Gemini Compatibility Characteristics of the Piscean
Birth Dates: February 20-March 20
Personal Creed: I Believe
Positive Sign: Feminine
Psychological Type: Feeling
Colour: Green
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Metal: Tin
Flowers: Violet
Food: Fruits and meat including liver.
Part of Body: Feet
Element: Water

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Pisces Personality Profile
Well represented by the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces can often be confusing and appear fickle to others, constantly changing moods. Giving and loving one minute and ready to go to battle with you the next.

People with a Pisces sign are generally:
Gemini Compatibility Kind-hearted, sacrificing and romantic

But they can ALSO be:
Gemini Compatibility Fickle, moody and reclusive.

Piscean’s Love:
Gemini Compatibility Serving and helping others but also love their own space and solitude.

But they can’t stand:
Gemini Compatibility Insensitivity and can be quite cruel if upset.

The Pisces Character:
Pisces love to go with the flow and easily pick up the vibrations of others, so must be very careful what situations they put themselves in and what influences they allow in their lives. Pisces will do anything to help others, unless you hurt their feeling, then they may just do anything to hurt you - fortunately you should be able to pull them out of this bad mood easily.

How to catch a Pisces:
Pisces love to relax with a romantic movie. Be sensitive and caring. Show them that a long term love match is possible.

Pisces as a Lover:
Pisces may be a little shy but the Pisces lover will be willing to please their partner selflessly. But avoid anything to do with drugs and alcohol! This is like oil and water to a Pisces!

Pisces as a Partner
Pisces as a partner will be very caring and will do anything to help you. Be careful what you say and make sure not to hurt your Pisces feelings even by accident as they will take it to heart. Be prepared to give your Pisces partner a lot of space as they need lots of alone time.

What type of gift to buy a Pisces
Pisces will love a romantic dinner for two or book or movie to curl up with alone (a love story of course).

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