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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
 Leo Love Relationships
Gemini Compatibility Characteristics of the Leo
Birth Dates: July 23 - August 21
Personal Creed: I will, therefore I am
Positive Sign: Masculine
Psychological Type: Intuitive
Colour: Yellow or Orange
Gemstone: Ruby
Metal: Bronze
Flowers: Daises
Food: Egg yolk, lemons
Parts of the Body: Heart, spine, upper back
Element: Fire

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Leo Personality Profile
The Lion loves to rule the jungle and take care of the pride. Leo enjoys being the center of attention and commands the best in life. At the same time they are usually warmhearted and love to generously provide for friends and family.

People with a Leo sign are generally:
Gemini Compatibility Outgoing, confident and friendly.

But they can ALSO be:
Gemini Compatibility Vain, conceited, self indulgent.

Gemini’s Love:
Gemini Compatibility Being the center of attention, living the good life, socializing.

But they can’t stand:
Gemini Compatibility Criticism or being out of the limelight.

The Leo Character:
Leo's lust for being the centre of attention can often lead them into an acting career. They often enjoy shopping and spoiling themselves, but will do the same for their friends. Unfortunately they often can come across as being egotistical and snobby. They really don't mean any harm, they just think they are the best and deserve to be treated appropriately. In reality they are kindhearted and make loyal friends.

How to catch a Leo:
Leo will prefer to chase their prey than to be chased. But feed their ego and make them the center of attention, let them know how great they are and they will love to be around you.

Leo as a Lover:
The Leo lover as in everything else will want to be in charge. They want to be king or queen and ruler of the bedroom jungle and will expect you to serve them as such. Make sure you give them plenty of praise or the claws may come out.

Leo as a Partner
You will have plenty of fun with a Leo partner. Romantic and extravagant nights will be plentiful. In a Leo relationship they will enjoy being spoiled and will spoil you too. Just remember your Leo loves and needs plenty of attention and if they don't get it they will find somewhere else to get the adoration they think is owed them.

What type of gift to buy a Leo
Tickets to a play or show, but make sure they are front row or in the VIP section.

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