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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
 Gemini Love Relationships
Gemini Compatibility Characteristics of the Gemini
Birth Dates: May 22-June 21
Personal Creed: Variety is the Spice of Life
Positive Sign: Masculine
Psychological Type: Thinking
Colour: Yellow
Gemstone: Emerald
Metal: Mercury
Flowers: Lily of the Valley, Lavender
Food: ‘One of everything please!’
Part of Body: Hands, shoulders
Element: Air

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Gemini Personality Profile
Gemini symbolized by the twins. The Gemini is a master at changing to adapt to any environment. New things, new places and new connections, this is what makes life worth living for a Gemini.

People with a Gemini sign are generally:
Gemini Compatibility Versatile, lively, creative and intellectual.

But they can ALSO be:
Gemini Compatibility Impulsive, impatient and fickle.

Gemini’s Love:
Gemini Compatibility Spontaneity, action and new experiences.

But they can’t stand:
Gemini Compatibility Boredom or being told what to do.

The Gemini Character:
Action and adventure are what a Gemini needs. Gemini also known as a thinker can usually argue both sides of any debate, so you never know which Gemini is going to show up. Fun loving, but often accused of being superficial as they tend to use their heads over their emotions.

How to catch a Gemini:
New experiences and mental stimulation are essential. Gemini’s love conquering something new, so playing hard to get can be fun, not too much tough or something else will catch their eye. Yes, sounds like hard work, but once caught the Gemini definitely knows how to please!

The Gemini as a Lover:
The Gemini lover. As in all aspects of their life, a Gemini relationship is dependent on intrigue and excitement. What flavour? Who knows, just as long as it’s new. Be prepared to experiment, your Gemini partner won’t be shy – let the games begin!

The Gemini as a Partner
Hope you are up for a challenge. The Gemini partner will marry for white hot burning love and nothing else, even if you just met yesterday. But Gemini needs someone who can keep up mentally and physically but for sure the roller coaster ride will never be dull. Don’t forget your Gemini partner will need their space, they need time to be able to miss you.

What type of gift to buy a Gemini
Gemini always being on the go and craving new experiences will most enjoy a wild weekend away, hot & spicy night out or the latest gadget to keep connected on the go.

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