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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
 Capricorn Love Relationships
Gemini Compatibility Characteristics of the Capricorn
Birth Dates: December 23- January 20
Personal Creed: I Strive
Positive Sign: Feminine
Psychological Type: Sensing
Colour: Green
Gemstone: Sapphire
Metal: Lead
Flowers: Carnation
Food: Pies, marshmallows, cinnamon
Parts of the Body:  

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Capricorn Personality Profile
The practical and diligent Capricorn works hard to achieve their goals and meet the high standards they set for themselves and others. They are known for having tireless energy and patience. The goat is a meticulous planner and normally very conscientious with their money.

People with a Capricorn sign are generally:
Gemini Compatibility Ambitious, practical, disciplined.

But they can ALSO be:
Gemini Compatibility Calculating, reserved and cold.

Capricorn’s Love:
Gemini Compatibility Planning, organization and purpose.

But they can’t stand:
Gemini Compatibility Dead end jobs or wild schemes.

The Capricorn Character:
The rational and logical thinker, Capricorn, prefers to always choose the safer option. They are very methodical and can make good managers as well as employees. Capricorns love to learn and acquire new knowledge, and are sometimes seen as being unemotional.

How to catch a Capricorn:
The goat is certainly a tricky one to catch. Capricorn loves security so make your advances private, not for the whole world to see. Impress them with your plans and goals. A well thought out night out in an expensive resort might be the trick.

Capricorn as a Lover:
The chase may be long, but once you have secured your Capricorn lover you will be anything but disappointed. And just like the goat scaling the mountain, things will get better and better with time.

Capricorn as a Partner
The Capricorn partner will thrive on security. They may have been difficult to land but once in a Capricorn relationship your partner will be faithful and committed. However don't hold them back or become lazy as they can turn cold and move on to something better for them.

What type of gift to buy a Capricorn
Anything that will help them stay organized and plan things quickly. You can never go wrong with iphones, GPS or calenders.

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