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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
 Aries Love Relationships
Gemini Compatibility Characteristics of the Aries
Birth Dates: March 21 - April 20
Personal Creed: I am
Positive Sign: Masculine
Psychological Type: Thinking
Colour: Red
Gemstone: Diamond
Metal: Iron
Flowers: Red Rose
Food: Curry and other hot and spicy food
Part of Body: Head, body, upper jaw
Element: Fire

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Aries Personality Profile
Those born under Aries like the ram they are symbolized by, are constantly charging forward, always quick to take action. They may come across as arrogant, as they have a me first attitude, but this is more because they are competitive and impulsive than purely selfish.

People with an Aries sign are generally:
Gemini Compatibility Friendly, impulsive and innocent.

But they can ALSO be:
Gemini Compatibility Impulsive, impatient and fickle.

Aries’s Love:
Gemini Compatibility New challenges, adventure, being first.

But they can’t stand:
Gemini Compatibility Injustice, harsh criticism, losing.

The Aries Character:
With a child like innocence the egotistical ram loves forging new paths. And like a child is known for being impatient and quick to anger. However their positive outlook and friendly, generous personality will normally make them popular.

How to catch an Aries:
Remember Aries loves the chase and challenge. Play hard to get.

Aries as a Lover:
The Aries partner will be demanding in and out of the bedroom. Your Aries lover with be energetic and assertive and nothing will be off limits. Their ego will need to be fed, but they will strive to take care of you in every way possible in return.

Aries as a Partner
Aries in a relationship surprisingly can be loyal and faithful. But will definitely have your work cut out for you. They will always expect to be put first, and you may have to play hot and cold to keep them on their toes. But at the same time they will enjoy taking care of and providing for you.

What type of gift to buy an Aries
How about trip to day spa where they can be pampered and spoiled.

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